Being new to the blog scene, I am not the most streamlined blogger. Couple that w/ my affinity for ADD like tendencies and you end up w/ a post like this.

I really do have some interesting observations and questions on colonization and destruction of indiginous tribes and cultures…. but I just don’t have enough cohesive thoughts on it at the moment… or enough time.

So instead of letting my brand new blog go stale I thought I would post something that I am certain of.

If you are in the open shower at the local gym a…. DO NOT STRETCH WHILE IN THE SHOWER!!!
Especially if you are going to swing your legs back and forth and put your heel up on the soap dish

{to the tune of tiny dancer}
Don’t stand closer shower dancer,
You picked the shower too close to me today,
Stretch your legs out in the gym space
Afraid you’ll bump into me today.


Ahhh the old La-Z-Boy

August 12, 2008

I figure it’s only fair for whoever may read this to lead off my first post with some sort of explanation…

Once upon a time I had a great little house w/a connected garage and two wonderfully comforatble yet hideous and worn out recliners. I thought this was a match made in heaven. And from time to time it truly was.

Now this neighborhood, although not fancy was not trashy, and the man writing this (can I call myself that yet? sometimes I wonder) although not fancy, is not really trashy as well.

So ignoring what might be proper for a nice family neighborhood like this, I upon many occasions chose to roll up the garage door, wheel out the ugly La-Z-Boys, find a buddy and scotch and enjoy the sheer act of relaxing and playing philosophers.

So although I may not have any scotch at the moment….. wait… this is an occaison to break out the Johnnie Walker Blue ($$$)…brb

..yeah, it’s worth it

as I was saying…at this moment I may not have buddies nearby or the recliners due to forceful separation, I do still have my mind, (what’s left of it) and my passions of thought and life and what it means to think about life and I will share it here for you, my readers.